Moving Pictures To The D Drive And Syncing With Onedrive?

Discussion in 'Windows OS's' started by Emily185, Sep 26, 2019.

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    I have Documents, Pictures, etc sync with OneDrive and it has always worked just fine. I got a new laptop that has a 2nd hard drive in it and I want to move all my pictures over there since they almost fill up the primary drive on their own. I already had OneDrive syncing the folders in their standard locations and was getting an error when I tried to move Pictures to go to D:\Pictures.

    I found an article from Microsoft that if it's been moved once (into the Onedrive normal location) it will give an error if you try to move it again and that I should reset where the folder points via the registry. I did that and it worked fine and I was able to "move" the Pictures location to D:\Pictures.

    However, this seems to have broken the link between Pictures and the OneDrive Pictures that I already have. I turned on the built in Backup setting for Pictures but it only saw the empty local folder and didn't bring down the thousands of pictures I already have in OneDrive. Is there some way to manually tell OneDrive to link its Pictures folder with my Windows 'Pictures' folder/library now that it's been moved to D:\Pictures folder to get sync working again?

    Hopefully that makes sense...

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