CPU Architectures

  • atom – Best for the Intel ATOM CPU family.
  • centrino – Built specifically for the “Pentium M” processor, which is essentially a modernized P3. Use this if you have a Pentium M, Centrino, or Celeron-M that's based on a pre-P4 architecture.
  • core2 – Newer Intel multi-core CPUs, including quad-cores, i7's, and recent Xeons.
  • k7 – Any 32-bit AMD Athlon, Duron, or Sempron CPUs.
  • k8 – AMD64, 64FX, 64-bit-capable Sempron, Turion or Opteron CPUs.
  • p3 – Optimized for Katmai, Coppermine, Coppermine-T and Tualatin Pentium 3 processors.
  • p4 – Any Pentium 4 or P4-based Celeron CPUs. Optimizations for newer P4s such as the Prescott are also included, but not required for this kernel to work on your system.
  • phenom – Recent multi-core AMD CPUs such as Deneb, Heka, Agena, and Toliman.
  • prescott – Built specifically for Prescott or later Pentium4 CPU's before the Core2, such as the Pentium-D.
  • x2 – Early multi-core AMD processors such as Manchester, Toledo, Windsor, Brisbane, and Kuma.
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